Why package design is the key factor to win the shelf competiton?

The customer’s shopping behavior based more on the emotional factor than what we think. According to one research, 85% of consumers buying products based on emotional factors, because of temporary motivation at the shop. That explains the reason why an attractive package design can turn lose to win shortly.

The packaging design is the key factor to promote purchase at the point

1. Grab the customers attention

If the quality of the product is what turns current consumers to loyal customers, the packaging design will be a tool to attract their attention and makes them choose your brand instead of others.

In the intense shelf competition, the professional, nice and salient package design is a secret weapon to increase revenue by 30%. Therefore, businesses should focus more on their packaging design to catch customers’ attention immediately.

2. Convincing the customers by the quality and reputation.

After attracting the customer’s attention, the next task of the packaging is to silently convince the client about the quality and the reputation of the products. Carefully-made, professional and unique packaging will give the customer a feeling of a quality product though they have never tried it.

Apart from the aesthetic, the information in the packaging of the producer, the ingredient, and the expiry date should be focused and assure the customers about the origin of product.

3. Well-design package helps to sell the product at a higher price

Beautifully designed packaging helps enhance the superiority of the product

This is not an exaggeration. The professional packaging design will help you sell the products at a higher price. When looking at a beautiful and professional product, the customers will defaultly arrange the products into a high-end segment, so they will be willing to pay more.

4. Package – the silent communication

Unique packaging design can spread by their own and even can be an unexpected communication channel for the brand. The new packaging of Pepsi with impressive retro design has helped the brand gain a significant amount of fan. Packaging like the appearance of a man. If you want your product to be outstanding among thousands of others on shelves, let’s focus on the package.

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