Top 5 inspiring packaging design trends that will dominate 2020

Blending classic and futuristic inspiration, transparent package, sustainability… are the packaging design trends that will dominate 2020.

Packaging has always been one of the most important elements in any brand’s positioning campaign or product development. To appeal to a wide variety of the customers, the current packaging design is not only set to be striking and eye-catching through the external image but also meticulously invested in the meaning. By summarizing the current design trends in the world, here are five “dominant” packaging design trends in 2020.

2020 is poised to be an excellent year for new packaging design trends

1. Retro-Futurism

In the beginning, you may think Retro-Futurism seems like two different concepts even contrasting. However, these two schools can combine smoothly to bring both a sense of nostalgia (Retro) and modern (Futurism) very reasonably in a notion. 

According to the statistics, gradient will be used as a jumping-off point for creating packaging that pairs the retro and futuristic factors. As a color transitioning effect produced from blending several palettes, gradient could be combined with plenty of neon colors, retro-inspired minimalist design elements to create a remarkably brand new, creative and on-trend package. 

thiet ke bao bi thuc pham chuc nangGradient is found on the Collagen’s packaging of NAVIFA

2. Detailed maximalism

Although minimalism has always had a place in packaging design, many experts predict that by 2020 consumers will seek out luxurious and sophisticated senses in their products. Therefore, maximalism will become one of the major trends of this year. 

With the emergence of maximalism concept, design would be filled with meticulousness, intricate details, patterned graphics, intensely rich colors. In addition,  the contrast and irregularity will appear more on packaging when applying maximum design styles in 2020.

Top 5 inspiring packaging design trends that will dominate 2020Milaganics grapefruit lotion packaging stands out with intricate painted details as well as contrasting palettes

3. Packaging design that tells story 

Using the visual language on the packaging to create the brand story and communicate with the customers is a major trend of 2020. In particular, the products sold online should be well invested in packaging design which follows this concept to provide the customers with the most authentic feeling and experience. Because online brands do not have the luxury of being seen and touched before purchased in comparison with the brick or mortar stores in the real life.  

With this packaging design trend, brands will effectively leverage their products as an opportunity to comprehensively approach more customers. This will help brands convey the right message, tell the story and build deeper connections with their potential customers.

Top 5 inspiring packaging design dominate 2020Packaging should tell their own stories

4. Environmentally aware packaging design 

As environmental issues are always a topic of concern in all areas, packaging design will not go away from this trajectory. Therefore, one of biggest packaging design trends of 2020, with no doubt, is the brands taking the eco-friendly approach to packaging. Accordingly, a flood of companies outside started to explore eco-friendly materials in packaging, moving forward recyclable packaging minimizing the amount of  materials needed for creating packaging. 

In addition, brands used the palettes inspired by nature as well as the Earth such as earthy colors, blue, brown, etc. In particular, modern consumers are getting aware of environment protection and purchasing sustainable products. It was high time that brands started to embrace this trend and apply to their products. 

Tamba filter coffee bag packaging is filled with earthy colors that brings a cool and soothing feeling

5. Transparent packaging to highlight products

The transparent packaging design is no longer strange for consumers. You may come across these packaging design trends in beverage and skin care brands. 2020 is set to be the booming year of this trend when there are more harmonious colors of the products incorporated with other sectors placed in the packaging instead of the monotony style often seen in this type of packaging. 

This design trend allows brands to minimize packaging design processes, focus on product quality and enhance customer experience. By combining the transparent format of the packaging, layering the design elements and using the products color as the feature of the packaging, brands can add the contrast, make the product pop once it is poured into and increase the brand trust.

scorched rice packaging designTransparent packaging of Ha Thuy – Sai Gon’s scorched rice highlighted the products inside

Above are 5 of the packaging design trends that are expected to boom in 2020. Everything is ready! What you need is to effectively embrace and use them in your brand designs. For more up-to-date ideas on packaging design trends, you can contact BZC.Market or follow us on social networks. 

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