The functional food packaging design in 2020: Minimalist, modern and eco-friendly

Functional foods packaging design catching the trend, is an important factor to help businesses more easily accessible to target customers.

The domestic market is witnessing the rise of functional foods as the number of people using this product accounts for 21% of the total population (2017) which stems from the growing interest in health issues of modern consumers. In order to make your products pop in this vibrant market, brands should invest in the packaging design comprehensively. Only by creating an eye-catching, reasonable and on-trend design, can you appeal to target customers quickly as well as shorten the time to convert into sales.

Thiết kế bao bì thực phẩm chức năng năm 2020Outstanding packaging helps businesses shorten the path to conquer customers

1. Inspiring packaging design trends of 2020

It can be said that 2020 is set to be the year of new and aspirational packaging design trends. The functional food packaging design trends could be summarized in 3 words including minimalist, modern and ecologically aware.


Though detailed maximalism is one of the biggest trends in the packaging design world, minimalism is poised to be the classic one. The majority of functional food products possess a dense list of ingredients, the characteristics as well as instructions of the product. As a result, this information must be arranged in a small place in packaging. The minimalist design of the packaging will definitely solve this problem which can make it easier to harmonize the details more efficiently. 

Xu hướng thiết kế bao bì thực phẩm chức năng tối giảnThe minimalist design helps highlight product elements on functional food packaging


Modern design has been one of the most popular product packaging designs recently. Only by taking use of the unique striated lines partnered with the rich colors palettes, combination of nostalgia and innovative concepts, can you create a professional and reliable look for your packaging. 

thiết kế bao bì hiện đại 2020Most of businesses moved forward modern packaging style 


It is not obvious that most functional food packaging was filled with natural color palettes and arranged a large area on the packaging to display the image of raw materials. In addition to increasing the aesthetics of the overall design, the inclusion of natural elements in the packaging creates sympathy and trust for consumers.

Thiết kế bao bì thực phẩm chức năng gần gũi với thiên nhiênEco-friendly packaging of  functional food helps increase the trust in customers

2. The stories behind impression functional food packaging designs

Behind each packaging design of every functional food product line is a story of ideas and creativity. In order to attract targeted users and stand out among the flood of competitors, brands have invested a lot in this stage. Let’s take a look at some impressive designs with BZC.Market.

Trilax packaging

Trilax is a product of LAVOTON with 100% herbal extracts to treat skin diseases such as fungi and waterpipe. Trilax packaging design is inspired by turmeric gold from the main material of the product. The harmonious combination of natural color palette and images of plants in the packaging gives a luxurious, polite and reliable look to the product.

Thiết kế bao bì Trilax với màu vàng nghệ đặc trưngPackage design of Trilax with yellow turmeric features

Red reishi tea packaging

With the effect of fading the fungus, reducing dark circles, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the liver, red reishi tea is considered to be a “panacea” for health. In order to emphasize these values, red reishi tea functional food packaging is filled with a typical burgundy palette and stylized mushroom image. Obviously, the brand has succeeded in designing packaging that is aesthetically pleasing, appealing to the user without forgetting to emphasize the origin of the product.

Red reishi tea packaging is covered with luxurious stylized mushroom details

Kentado packaging

With 4 different product lines Karela (stabilizing blood sugar), Kentamax (effective weight gain), Gastorin (stomach ulcer treatment) and Sentina (weight loss support), functional foods of Kentado brand aim to specific target customers. However, the common point of the four products is the aesthetic orientation of the packaging. The dominant colors are all inclined to the eye-catching natural palette creating a sense of excitement for consumers which is considered an important element in visual design.

KENTADO_PACK 1Kentado provided with a variety of products packaging design

It can be said that functional food packaging is an important catalyst to help businesses pop in today’s competitive market. Once the appearance of your product makes a good impression in the eyes of customers, you are very close to conquering them successfully and making a buying decision. Everything is ready! Good luck to you all!

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